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Chronos can fit any student & any schedule. Homeschoolers use Chronos as the backbone for an integrated learning curriculum. Other students use Chronos after school to supplement their school traditional education. It can be a summer camp curriculum, a series of weekend seminars for adults, even a fun preschool curriculum. Here are some values to consider as you shape your program.


The Parent is the Teacher

Chronos is designed as a master class for parents, each child's primary teacher. The more parents participate in class, the more the family gets out of it. Children emulate the adults in their life; parents show them how to learn by learning with them. Parents continue the conversation throughout the week, around the dinner table, with grandparents and friends, all while getting the classical education they never had.


Celebrate Questions

Cookie cutter education models often squelch curiosity. When a student asks a question in class, the teacher has 3 options: answer it, pass because there is no time, or reveal he does not know the answer. In any case, it's vital to honor the question so the student continues to develop inquiry. Write it on the board & celebrate it. Come back to it another time. Leave the question unanswered and give students the opportunity to wrestle with it themselves. Open-ended questions best prepare students to become patient problem-solvers.


Learn through Narrative

People need a good story. It entertains, retains, applies & motivates. Everything we know came from a person who discovered it. Knowing the story gives context and legitimizes the knowledge. 


Pilot Program
Golden Gate Learning Center, San Anselmo, CA

Chronos Cohorts for Homeschoolers
Thursdays, 9:00-3:30

Dialecticians & Rhetoricians
5th-12th graders
8-12 member cohorts

9:00 Chronos Circle
9:15 math & logic
10:00 science experiment
11:00 literature
12:00 break
12:30 history & geography
1:30 Greek, Latin & English
2:30 philosophy & the arts

Pre-K-4th graders
6-8 member cohorts

9:00 Chronos Circle
9:15 memory work
10:00 presentations
10:30 science experiment
11:00 art appreciation
11:30 review
12:00 break
1:00-3:00 Grammarians Workshop (3-4th) & Enrichment (PreK-2nd)